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Detox Challenge + The Ultimate Detox Smoothie

Are you ready? For the month of February I’ll be doing a mini detox to focus on clearing my digestive system of any nasties and rebalancing my gut bacteria to optimum levels. If you, like… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday: Coconut Water – the magic elixir

    So I am currently doing a Bikram Yoga challenge for the month of October. The challenge consists of 31 Bikram classes in 31 days. If you’ve ever done Bikram Yoga before,… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Aloe Vera and a Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe

  Detoxifier, skin-healer, natural alkaliser, digestion easer, immune system booster… Yes, Aloe Vera is a true miracle plant and a very worthy recipient for today’s Superfood Sunday post! Aloe is a succulent plant… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Maqui Berry

      By now, you have probably heard of the acai berry. The classic image of the ‘acai smoothie bowl’ has certainly popped up on many Instagram accounts this summer – and for… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday: Turmeric – The Spice of Life

    Turmeric is ‘The Spice of Life’ when it comes to herbs and spices. Grown in India and other tropical regions of Asia, turmeric has a long history of use in herbal… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday: Spirulina

Imagine a plant that can nourish your body by providing most of the protein you need to live, power up your immune system, increasing your blood cell formation and being so rich in… Continue reading

Green Smoothie Magic

  Green is the new black – and it’s here to stay! Green smoothies are well…green! Though they aren’t necessarily green in colour, they are green in contents. So it’s all about the… Continue reading