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Quinoa Sushi Rolls

A quirky twist on traditional sushi, these Quinoa Sushi Rolls are quickly becoming a new favourite of mine! They make a great on-the-go snack or a lovely light lunch or dinner. You can… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday: Coconut Water – the magic elixir

    So I am currently doing a Bikram Yoga challenge for the month of October. The challenge consists of 31 Bikram classes in 31 days. If you’ve ever done Bikram Yoga before,… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Aloe Vera and a Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe

  Detoxifier, skin-healer, natural alkaliser, digestion easer, immune system booster… Yes, Aloe Vera is a true miracle plant and a very worthy recipient for today’s Superfood Sunday post! Aloe is a succulent plant… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Wild Salmon and a Recipe for Baked herb-encrusted salmon

    Salmon gets five stars in the superfood department, starting with their abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats are an essential part of your diet since your body cannot make them… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Cabbage and a Rainbow Beauty Detox Salad

  Today’s Superfood Sunday goes to one of my favourite vegies that I pick up every weekend at the farmers markets (when in season). This humbling superfood is neither exotic nor rare or expensive… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday: Bone Broth – one of the most powerful healing foods

“Good broth will resurrect the dead.” (Old South American proverb) Bone broth is simply awesome for healing. In fact, I would rate it as a top 5 healing food, particularly for creating great… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Maqui Berry

      By now, you have probably heard of the acai berry. The classic image of the ‘acai smoothie bowl’ has certainly popped up on many Instagram accounts this summer – and for… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Spinach (and a Recipe for Spinach Bread)

Superfood Sundays has returned! It has been way to long since my last Superfood Sunday post and I miss sharing with you the abundance of incredible superfoods out there! Today I’ve decided to… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday: Figs and Fig and Cacao Protein Bliss Balls

  Sweet figs. Delicious both fresh and dried, this ancient superfood is bursting with nutritional goodness. Did you know that figs contain the highest amount of calcium of any fruit? Approximately 100g of… Continue reading

Superfood Sunday – Sauerkraut (and more on gut health)

I’ve spent the last week listening to a bunch of speakers discuss the importance of gut health. See seminar link here. It was amazing and eye-opening to say the least. The awareness of… Continue reading